School / Organisation Mosaics


There is no question that children love mosaics – the colours, the textures and range of materials inspire them to create beautiful art.

Smidiríní Mosaics has been responsible for running workshops in both primary and post primary schools since 2011, ranging from large outdoor pieces to smaller school projects and individual pieces that students can take home. Boys and girls as young as 6 right up to teenagers have learned an old art form in a new way.

Whether it’s a special project as part of Transition Year, JCSP “Artist in the Classroom” programme or indeed a one-off workshop for that special “Holy Communion” class, Smidiríní Mosaics would be happy to discuss your particular needs and requirements and quote accordingly.


Why not try something new in the workplace?  Create a piece of corporate art designed and created by the employees of your organisation.

Smidiríní Mosaics would guide participants through the steps required to produce a unique piece of mosaic art, which would ultimately remain on display within the organisation.

This creative activity would encourage lively discussion, group skills, creativity, strengthen relationships and would take participants out of their usual environment.  It has long been an established belief that team building activities that occur between work colleagues outside the workplace contribute to improved motivation and productivity within the company.

To discuss your particular requirements and receive a quotation please feel free to contact us.


Are you a teacher who would like to do something a little bit different in the classroom?  We can organise individual or group training with teachers which would pass on the skill and knowledge to hold workshops within the classroom.

These workshop provide the technical advice required, the incorporation of found objects into mosaics and provide a cost effective way to facilitate the workshops whilst keeping in line with the Visual Arts Curriculum.  To discuss costs and details of course please contact us directly.