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Hello world!

So at last after many false starts I am ready to dip my toe into the world of on-line blogging.  Anyone that knows me in “real life” knows that I am never short of a few words and that I have indeed been blessed with the “gift of the gab”.  So why the task of blogging fills me with so much trepidation is beyond me.  I am certain that like anything new we try in life I will eventually get hang of it, so bear with me.

When I first started out on my mosaic journey 11 years ago I found it so hard to gather any information on making mosaics and all that it entails, either in books or on the internet.  When I did manage to come across some information my education was often curtailed by something as simple as different terminology in different countries.  For example “thinset” which is commonly used in mosaic lingo overseas, is simply another word for cement based tile adhesive. You will laugh when I tell you that it took me about 2 years to figure that out.    I also found it difficult to gain any information regarding the subject of mosaics in Ireland.  The simple task of sourcing materials and the necessary cutting tools was not easy.  I realised that being an island was not all it was cut out to be and wished at time that we were still connected to Europe even by a small slither of land.

So with all that in mind, I will be blogging about all things mosaic, especially in Ireland. No more than in real life, I do not promise to stay on topic all of the time, that would be an impossible task for me.  So if you are a beginner, advanced mosaicist or simply a mosaic enthusiast please feel free to follow my posts.  I will be sharing lots of information, tips and how to’s on creating mosaics as well as telling you all about my current projects. I hope you will join me on the next phase of my mosaic journey and I look forward to getting your feedback and reading your comments.