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My New Project – St Patrick’s N.S. Strangsmills, Co. Kilkenny




The Before Picture:

Well I started a new project in Sept in St. Patrick’s N.S, Strangsmills, and I’m really excited about it. I will be putting up regular posts of my progress over the next few weeks or dare I say “months”.   It’s a big one, involving a very large outdoor wall… a massive octopus (yet to be named), 196 children, 10 + teachers, me and my loyal bunch of “willing” helpers, namely, Elaine and Tim.  I suspect that the list of helpers may grow as we get ever closer to our deadline.

So watch this space as it unfolds.


So It’s been a while since this post went up and since the project was finished. Below is an “after” picture to show you how it turned out. If interested and you need further information, please pop me an email..I would be happy to share my process:

The After Picture:

The finished Octupus…